My name is Mark Edwards and I’m the owner of Krav Maga Taunton & Bridgwater.  When I was younger, I began my martial arts journey as a shiny new Royal Marine, through Boxing and the positive impact it had on my life was remarkable. 

It was always my dream to someday own my own school in and create an enjoyable environment for students to improve their fitness while building the confidence they can carry into their everyday lives.   Take advantage of one of our amazing free trial lessons today – join us as we empower ourselves and our community with martial arts and self defence training!

Whether you are looking for a physical activity or for an alternative from the boring gym fitness routine, Krav Maga is unlike any other pastime because, at the core of the training, the emphasis is on personal development.  Anyone can begin Krav Maga – any age, any fitness level. 

About The Author

Mark Edwards is a professional Krav Maga coach, Personal Trainer and passionate advocate for good Krav Maga training. Mark heads up Krav Maga Taunton & Bridgwater and regularly coaches at national Krav Maga instructor training courses. Mark can be contacted on 07986516337

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