Hi guys,

I had a very productive meeting with the BKMA and other instructors this afternoon. I have reviewed the government advice and it is looking extremely likely that the UK is heading for a lockdown sometime in the future.

The advice to avoid unnecessary contact and pubs, clubs, restaurants is now in place however this is not stating that we absolutely must close our doors yet and therefore like some of my colleagues we are going to continue training until further advice is given of course your safety is as always of upmost importance.

As a reminder the key adjustments to training are below:

• All training kit will be disinfected before and after use.

• Techniques will be non-contact and classes focused more on physical development

• Minimal contact drills implemented during training e.g. no ground survival.

• Hand sanitizer will be provided please use this before and after every session.

• We won’t be providing spare gloves or focus pads for use during this period.

• If you or a member of your household have symptoms, please self-isolate and avoid the class until 14 days elapsed.

• If you are particularly concerned as you or a loved one is in a high-risk category, then please avoid training until this settles down.

• Please keep checking for updates as government advice is changing daily.

Lastly, I want to reiterate that I truly value your continued support. The club like most other small businesses operates on very small margins so this emergency could genuinely end our club should members decide to stop memberships on mass (government bailouts will not apply to me as self-employed) of course I will do my best to keep the club going wherever possible.

We will look for interim training solutions regardless and work out ways to make up on missed training once this blows over. As always, I will endeavor to over-deliver (its going to be a goody) and compensate for any missed training later this year.

Thank you all for your support. Mark

About The Author

Mark Edwards is a professional Krav Maga coach, Personal Trainer and passionate advocate for good Krav Maga training. Mark heads up Krav Maga Taunton & Bridgwater and regularly coaches at national Krav Maga instructor training courses. Mark can be contacted on 07986516337

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