Following an assessment of risk and in line with government guidance, this policy has been created to inform and advise club members of the procedures put in place by us in response to COVID-19.  Please read and comply with the following information to help us minimise risk to other members.  Our aim is to deliver the best possible service and training whilst doing everything we can to support social distancing and infection control, however, please understand that no location can make a guarantee of eliminating the spread of COVID-19.  You are therefore asked to exercise common sense, awareness, and compliance so that we are doing everything possible to adhere to all guidelines we have received.

Instructors may ask anyone who we believe poses a risk to the welfare of other members, either in their actions or in deliberate defiance of our policies, to vacate the premises.

This policy sets out how we intend to progress with the services we offer and will be reviewed and updated as guidance and procedures change.

We ask for your understanding and support while we adjust to a new way of delivering our service to you.  We have worked with all necessary parties and carried out all actions that we feel are needed to safeguard everyone visiting our training, however if you have any concerns or wish to highlight anything you feel is a potential issue, then we welcome direct feedback.


We will update you on any factors affecting our services and response to COVID-19 at any point of change.  The primary location for information on this policy and updates will be via where you will find the latest version of this document.  We will communicate with you via other channels such as email or our Facebook Pages and Private Facebook Groups, however, please ensure you refer to our website as your primary source of information on this matter.  Our App will include updates on this policy and any associated activities, such as last minute closures, timetable changes, and any unforeseen circumstances.


  • Club members are invited to bring their own hand sanitiser, we will also ensure that it is available for all and we encourage you to use it as often as necessary.
  • Please do not visit if, in the past 14 days, you have displayed symptoms of COVID-19 or have been diagnosed or been in contact with anyone else who has been diagnosed or is displaying symptoms.  Failure to adhere to this may result in the closure of our classes. Please consider carefully if you are in a demographic group that is considered vulnerable.
  • Anyone displaying symptoms whilst on site may be requested to isolate and use PPE until they can leave the premises at their earliest possible opportunity.
  • Anyone who presents with symptoms within 7 days of visiting a site should contact the person named at the end of this document so we can assess whether any further action is required.


  • Class sizes may be reduced to allow the required social distancing and will be adjusted in accordance with any changes to government guidance.
  • To allow for track and trace protocol classes must be booked in advance via the booking system provided.  This can be accessed via:



Access to classes will not be permitted without prior booking.

  • To maintain social distancing, instructors will only provide verbal guidance alongside tuition from the front of the class.


Club members will be allocated individual spaces marked by coned off areas, couples/ family groups may train together but must remain within their own household bubble.  Physical contact with anyone outside of your own household is not permitted.

If you require any alternative arrangements to the above, please contact us prior to your arrival.

No grappling, releases, or physical contact of any sort is permitted.  There must be 2m between

people from different households, or 1m plus with mitigations (such as face coverings or avoiding face to

face contact) where 2m is not possible.


  • Strictly no sharing of equipment is permitted during classes.
  • Wherever possible, bring and use your own pads and gloves.


We will continue to offer a limited timetable of online classes for those unable to return immediately.  The timetable for these classes will be available via our website, the members private Facebook Group or YouTube.  These classes will be delivered from the main each site (weather permitting) allowing members to follow along with the class taking place in real time.

The online timetable will be subject to demand and instructor availability.  Other online training opportunities and courses may be available and information on these will be available in the App.

Additional training content, drills, activities and the video curriculum will continue to be available in the App.


Wherever possible we will be operating a cashless payment system.  Payments can be made by card in person, or via the online shop.  Where possible, please make clothing and equipment orders and workshop and event bookings via the Club online shop at


A fully stocked first aid kit is available and includes PPE.  We ask that initial treatment is carried out by the member if possible.  If we need to administer first aid, we will do so using PPE.  It must be noted that in this situation social distancing may not be possible.


We wish to assure members that by following procedures, guidance and risk assessments, our business insurance policies continue to be valid and the cover our members have to train remains fully active, subject to the member holding an up to date training license (current paying member/ or attending a trial lesson). This cover is valid for onsite and online training.  For any training undertaken online or outside our premises, please refer to our online training terms and guidelines (accessible via the members private Facebook Group, ensuring that personal cover is adequate for your own personal circumstances.


We will address any issues relating to the current COVID-19 situation with the highest priority.  If you have any concerns about anything relating to this policy, your training or safety, please contact Mark Edwards on:

Contact Telephone Number: 07986 516337

Contact Email Address:          

Please note that this policy is in addition to all other policies, including Safeguarding and Health & Safety, but overrides any activities or actions that are deemed similar in nature for the duration that this policy is in circulation.

Mark Edwards

Krav Maga Taunton & Bridgwater

All classes will remain outdoors until I receive confirmation from Wellsprings and Bridgwater YMCA that we can train indoors. Both centres have my booking requests, COVID secure policy, and risk assessments. I’ll update you all when I hear from them.

I had to go with the masses, and after chatting with you during the sessions this week the majority are in favour of earlier start times.

Face to face Group Sessions
All class times are 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm with the same pre lockdown schedule:

Mondays – Wellsprings Leisure Centre
Tuesdays – Bridgwater YMCA
Wednesdays – Wellsprings Leisure Centre
Thursdays – Bridgwater YMCA

Online Training
By popular request, I will continue with online training for as long as you guys want it 🙂

Tuesdays – 6.00 am, Fit in 30 (HiiT training)
Tuesdays – 4.30 pm, Juniors Club
Thursdays – 6.00 am, Fit in 30 (HiiT training)
Thursdays – 4.30 pm, Juniors Club
Saturdays – 10.00 am, Krav Maga

Face to Face Group Session Booking Links

Taunton Classes

Bridgwater Classes

The new class time timetable will commence from Monday 27th July.

Krav Maga Taunton Values Tenacity