All classes will remain outdoors until I receive confirmation from Wellsprings and Bridgwater YMCA that we can train indoors. Both centres have my booking requests, COVID secure policy, and risk assessments. I’ll update you all when I hear from them.

I had to go with the masses, and after chatting with you during the sessions this week the majority are in favour of earlier start times.

Face to face Group Sessions
All class times are 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm with the same pre lockdown schedule:

Mondays – Wellsprings Leisure Centre
Tuesdays – Bridgwater YMCA
Wednesdays – Wellsprings Leisure Centre
Thursdays – Bridgwater YMCA

Online Training
By popular request, I will continue with online training for as long as you guys want it 🙂

Tuesdays – 6.00 am, Fit in 30 (HiiT training)
Tuesdays – 4.30 pm, Juniors Club
Thursdays – 6.00 am, Fit in 30 (HiiT training)
Thursdays – 4.30 pm, Juniors Club
Saturdays – 10.00 am, Krav Maga

Face to Face Group Session Booking Links

Taunton Classes

Bridgwater Classes

The new class time timetable will commence from Monday 27th July.

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