The Sunday Times

“The most realistic self defence system in the UK today”

Combat Magazine

“It (Krav Maga) has more self defence cred than any other system we know about – and we know quite a bit about the subject!”

GQ Magazine

Best in the World for self defence. It is totally practical, no flashy kicks or great spiritual angle.

Krav Maga Gradings

British Krav Maga certified training

  • Up to 1500 kcal / hour
  • 20 paricipants
  • Intensity: High

British Krav Maga has a conservative approach toward the awarding of grades.   British Krav Maga view grading as a byproduct of consistent focused training and not as a goal in it’s self. Accordingly, students are ‘invited to grade’ when the instructor is sure they are ready.

The grading process provides a route map for the development of the Kravist.   The process of preparing for the assessment focuses student training and enhances standards of performance across the board. Gradings have become a route map on the path to self improvement but are not viewed as an end in themselves.

4 to 6


What our students say

“I have been training in Martial Arts for about 20 years, and I can honestly say that this is the best style I have ever had the privilege of learning! The techniques are simple yet effective, and it is guaranteed to get you fit! Mark is a great instructor who goes the extra mile, and makes learning fun and exciting! If you are looking to get fit or stay safe when out and about then this is for you”! – Michael Vittery, Taunton

Michael VitteryTrains with Mark in Taunton

“Mark is an awesome instructor and his passion for Krav Maga and teaching it really shows, his skills and knowledge are incredible! His ways of teaching are extremely effective and make it easy to pick up. He also makes every session fun and exciting whilst learning. Iv learnt so much already in a short space of time and would recommend this class to anyone no matter what your age or fitness level. Mark and the class are all very welcoming and everybody helps you out I was made to fit in and feel part of the team straight away.” – Chris Fowler, Bridgwater.

Chris FowlerStudent with Mark Edwards

“I have been to martial arts clubs all over the world, including several years training in Japan, but this is one of the best. Mark strikes the perfect balance between hard work and fun – he gets us to train as hard as possible and reach our full potential, but as an experienced former Royal Marines instructor with a university degree in education, he also knows how to get the most from a wide range of people of diverse ages and backgrounds. The Krav Maga taught here is very effective and powerful but it’s taught in a safe and constructive way, and there is a great club spirit. I look forward to every class and you always learn something new. Join today!” – Geoff Harris, Taunton

Geoff HarrisStudent - Mark Edwards, Bridgwater

“A great club that I miss massively. I started my krav journey here and now I teach in Kent. Mark is a fantastic Instructor/mentor and I recommend this club to everyone who wants to learn self defence. Join up and learn Krav Maga. You wont regret it. Chris.” Chris Holland, Taunton

Chris HollandTrains with Mark Edwards

I have also really struggled with cardio and I remember when I first started Krav I couldn’t even train for a minute without almost dying and now I can make it almost to the end of the warmup.

Your classes have really helped with my strength, awareness, co-ordination and cardio fitness and that I’m extremely grateful of, so a massive thank you x


Wanda WebbBridgwater Student

“If you want to learn krav maga then this is the place for you, Mark is a fantastic teacher who is easy to get along with and is willing to cater for all ages and abilities, when I first started training krav with Mark about a year ago I didn’t really know much about it and I was fairly unfit but with Mark’s training style, patients and willingness to help everyone my fitness is improving along with my krav skills.” – Jame Huish, Bridgwater

James HuishBridgwater student

Having not undertaken any martial arts training for many many years, and being generally unfit, with some trepidation I went to my first Krav Maga session with Mark some 4 months ago (at the age of 55). I had no reason to feel anxious. The club is very friendly, there are no egos, and everyone is there to help and encourage.  In short, it is a really well run club, and I am proud to be a member. Mark is a first class instructor, ensures safety, and knows just how much to push you, so that you always improve without being out of your depth. Krav Maga is physically demanding but there is no doubt that I am getting fitter each time I attend, and am learning heaps of useful stuff which hopefully I will never need to use in a real situation. So, if you are in any doubt, give Mark and Krav Maga a try ….It is well worth it!

Graham Simm

Graham SimmTaunton member

It was really good to catch up this evening even if it was to let you know that I have had to accept that my injury is likely to mean I won’t be able to return to training.

I want you to know how much I have enjoyed being part of this great club for, what I think is, the last 4 years!  I have been taking part in sporting activities at all levels (playing some sports at school, county and international level) all my life and have been a member sports clubs but being a member of Krav Maga Taunton has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable and I am in no doubt that this is entirely due to your expertise and approach.

The range of abilities you work with is very challenging but at no time (even at the age of 63) was I made to feel out of my depth or that, in those early days as a complete novice, that I was holding others back. There are lots of things I know very little about but, having been in education for over 30 years, teaching is not one of them! You have been one of the most skilled teachers/coaches/instructors I have ever worked with.

Training was often physically challenging but I always felt supported and encouraged and along the way made some good friends. Not only have I learnt a wide range of new skills and maintained good levels of fitness but I have learnt a lot about myself and found new levels of confidence.

So for all of that, I want to say a huge  ‘thank-you’ its been a real privilege and I hope the club will continue to thrive that our paths may cross again.

All the best

Steve JohnTaunton member

I joined Krav Maga over 2 years ago and it was definitely the best decision ever. Having previously taken part in kickboxing where most classes I’d be hit and not understand how to defend myself. Mark is such a fantastic and patient teacher and through brilliant (sometimes intense!) drills helps us condition ourselves in preparation for real life situations you hope will never occur. I could be considered vulnerable due to my gender and height but from doing Krav Maga I have developed the confidence and skills to ensure I ‘get home safe’. I can’t thank nor recommend joining Mark’s Krav Maga classes enough.

– Ellis C

Ellis ClappTrains at Bridgwater

Mark is an inspirational instructor and his ability to teach at all levels is outstanding. Couldn’t imagine a better person to teach kids Krav Maga in a responsible and enjoyable way.

Jason Burnett

A great club with a friendly atmosphere. You learn a wide range of self defence techniques as well improving your overall fitness and confidence in social situations. Highly recommended.

– Marcus G

Marcus GTrains at Bridgwater

I have been going to Marks class since July 2018. I was nervous at first, being a little older than everyone else and also very unfit and over weight. Everyone at the class accepts you for who you are. The more experienced help you through the class and share the experience and assist where they can. Mark is real professional, very patient and gives you confidence which helps during your working day especially when dealing with the public. You can see why everyone looks up to him………..

Peter S

Peter SavageBridgwater Student

Hi Mark’

At the beginning, I would like to say Thank you very much for your hard work in online classes.  All are great.  My favourite is fitness class I try to do it every day.  I’m sorry that I can’t always be with you gays online. Sometimes I don’t have time, sometimes I’m already or still at work But I always try to catch them all another time.

I hope to see you soon and I sending regards to the whole Krav Maga family.

Stay safe

OlgaTrains with Mark in Taunton

Hey Mark,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your classes these past few weeks. Although sometimes my muscles disagree, I have absolutely enjoyed doing krav so many times a week and even the early morning sessions (I don’t even get up that early for work usually!!). Its a massive help right now, not only physically but mentally too and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it and everything you’ve done to bring the gang together and ensure we can still train. Really really big thank you!!


Ellis ClappTrains with Mark in Bridgwater

What we do in this class:

The Self Defence Programme focuses on starting from a position of disadvantage. The Kravist learns a range of block, reversals and releases against common attacks standing, sitting and on the ground. Common scenarios:

  • Verbal Threats and Demands
  • Chokes, grips and holds
  • Being on the ground
  • Weapons (edged, impact and firearms)
  • Multiple attackers

Krav Maga sessions are simple, practical and high energy. We cater for all levels of fitness and experience. We pride ourselves on our community ethos and standards of training. Your fellow students were all beginners and will always show you the ropes if you can’t get the hang of things. You will be encouraged and supported in the lesson; you won’t be hurt or made to do anything you don’t want to.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class so Mark Edwards can introduce himself and speak with you before training commences.

Beginners are most welcome. No experience is required.

Please bring along:

Please bring the following to your first class:

Training kit – shorts/training bottoms and T shirt


2 X 500 ml bottles of fluid

Protective equipment if owned


  • Monday - Taunton 6.45pm to 7.45pm
  • Tuesday - Bridgwater 7.00pm to 8.00pm
  • Wednesday - Taunton 7.00pm to 8.00pm
  • Thursday - Bridgwater 7.00pm to 8.00pm

Suitable for:

Over 18’s

All abilities

Trigger Alert – Replicates violence and street crime, may feature some adult themes & scenarios