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Coronavirus Update 22 September 2020

In response to today’s update statement from the government, we have assessed our services and procedures to ensure continued compliance. My considered interpretation of the guidance has allowed us to conclude the following: · As our club does NOT currently offer team sports, we are able to continue to offer our full range of indoor […]

10 Cracking Wilderness Survival Films and Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a system that prides itself on practical, gritty self defence and fitness training, combined with drills and assessments that test practitioners to the limit of their physical and mental capacity and prepare for dealing with the worst case scenario. Mental robustness, stamina and resourcefulness should be the forefront of good Krav Maga […]

Think you’re fit? While you might be correct, you might also be missing something important.

Let’s look at two common examples, and then see if you can improve your fitness levels and body composition without sweating more. 1. I’m the definition of fitness … I’m a Crossfitter/ marathoner/ etc! It’s difficult to tease apart the fitness impacts of something like marathon running or CrossFit through a scientific study. You cannot just randomize […]

Krav Maga Taunton & Bridgwater Class Schedule

All classes will remain outdoors until I receive confirmation from Wellsprings and Bridgwater YMCA that we can train indoors. Both centres have my booking requests, COVID secure policy, and risk assessments. I’ll update you all when I hear from them. I had to go with the masses, and after chatting with you during the sessions […]

Krav Maga Online Classes

Did you know that all our classes are fully online now and we are getting great feedback! Our fully-interactive classes are taught via Zoom and streamed live to our private Facebook group enable us to teach authentic Krav Maga self defence and coach our students whilst allowing us to correct form and technique as we […]